Mini brainstorming meetings

Market Leader Upper Intermediate New Edition Unit 2

Choose one of the meetings below and a chair, and make sure you include all of these stages while you do it:

Small talk

Getting down to business


Organizing the ideas

Narrowing down the options

Making a final decision

Wrapping the meeting up

 Imagine this classroom is your company’s boardroom. Brainstorm ways to improve it, and then decide on the top three priorities
 Brainstorm team building activities for the 45 people in your office and then choose the best one.
 Brainstorm ways of cutting down on the number of employee days lost to sickness and then choose the best two ideas.
 Choose one real soft drink that is available on your local market. Brainstorm ways to market it internationally, and then choose the best option.

Brainstorm possible language for each of the stages above, and then do one more meeting


Listen to the meeting on page 19. Which of the stages above are included?


PDF for easy saving and printing: minibrainstormingmeetings

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