Financial vocabulary trends

Choose one of the things below and describe the past, present and/ or future trend without saying which one it is. Can you partner guess which one you are describing?

The consumer price index (= Inflation)

Food prices

Commodity prices

The age of retirement

The number of retired people

The value of government pensions, unemployment benefit or other welfare payments

Life expectancy

Medical expenses

People without medical insurance

The birth rate

The population

The population of one particular age group

The percentage of people graduating from high school, going to university etc.

Market share of one company, product or country

The workforce of one company, factory or office

The number of big insider trading or other financial fraud cases

Days lost to industrial action


The stock market

The stock price of one particular company


Unemployment for one particular age group

The long term unemployed

Residential property prices

Commercial property prices

Income tax

VAT (= Value Added Tax)

Corporate tax

Capital gains tax

Government debt

Consumer debt

The headline/ base interest rate

Credit card debt

Credit card interest rates

Rate of bankruptcies


The dividend of one particular company

The number of patents



The balance of trade

One particular sector of imports or exports

Trade surplus/ deficit

Consumer confidence


Inventories in one particular company or sector

The number of people investing in the stock market

The number of IPOs

The number of companies owned by hedge funds

The number of companies or shares owned by foreign sovereign capital funds

The amount of money in one or all sovereign capital funds

How do new companies raise capital in your country? Is that changing? Can you thinking of any other ways of obtaining money to start a new business?

Listen to tapescript 5.2 on page 41 of Market Leader Intermediate New Edition and note down the three ways he of raising cash that he mentions.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Financial vocabulary trends

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