Travel problems roleplays and storytelling

Stage 1- Roleplays

Choose roleplay situations from below and act out the dialogues with your partner until your teacher asks you to go onto Stage 2.

You are a member of the cabin crew. The plane has started to taxi along the runway, but one of the passengers is panicking and demanding to get off the plane.
You have been asked to open your luggage in customs, and it is full of embarrassing or unpleasant things (but nothing actually illegal)
You want the security guard to pass you through quickly because you are about to miss your flight
You are an air steward or stewardess. The plane is going to land but you can’t rouse a passenger who has their chair in a reclining position and their blinds down.
There are no more vegetarian meals on the plane, but you don’t eat meat
You want the receptionist to change your room. Give them more and more reasons why your present room is unacceptable until they agree.

Stage 2- Anecdotes

Choose one of the situations that you role-played above. Imagine you are one of the people in that situation telling an anecdote about it later to one of your friends. After you have finished, one of your partners will tell the same story, but in an even more exaggerated way. Continue until none of you can exaggerate the story any more.


Do the same with other real or imaginary anecdotes about travelling.


PDF for easy saving and printing: travelproblemsroleplaystories

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