Past Perfect Prepositions etc

I had been there _____ 3 years ___ I Ieft.

I had seen it all ___ the time my replacement arrived.

Had you ____ seen one of those?

I had never done that ________.

We had been robbed seven times ___ three weeks.

I had been there ______ 1987.

I had never heard of it _____ my brother mentioned it in a letter.

______ we landed, I had been waiting for several hours.

______ the previous flight, I had fallen asleep.

She was tired. She had been writing ____ morning.

She dried the dishes. She had washed them ____ the morning.

I was sure I had seen him the day ______.

My father had spoken to him the ________ week.

He had been stealing from his employers _____ years.

She had arrived in Paris ____ morning.

We had had the same idea ____ the same time.

We told each other what we had been doing ____ the past seven years.

_______ he had tried on six pairs of shoes he decided he liked the first ones best.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Past Perfect Prepositions etc

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