Complaints roleplays

Natural English Intermediate Units 2 and 3

Take turns being the person complaining (politely). When you are the person receiving the complaints, be polite but try to offer them as little money, help etc. as you can.

1. You caught a cold because the hotel pool was ice cold. Try to make the hotel manager pay for your medical expenses.

2. You want your money back from a training course that promised to make you less shy and more able to speak to strangers

3. You want your money back from a dating agency because your date had very bad social skills.

4. Someone who did your ironing for you as a favour burnt a hole in one of your shirts. Tell them (politely) that they should buy you a new one.

5. You bought a music CD and now want your money back because the music was terrible

6. Your boyfriend or girlfriend ruined your last date, so you think they should treat you to a “perfect” day out (of your choosing)


PDF for easy saving and printing: Complaints roleplays

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