Xmas vocabulary prepositions of position games

Mix and match and drawing

Xmas vocabulary prepositions of position mix and match

Make crazy sentences (by choosing words from the table or putting cards together) and see if your partner can make a sentence which could be right without changing too many words. Your teacher will tell you if you should draw the crazy sentences and/ or the sensible sentences or not.  

Xmas vocabulary prepositions of position drawing game

Make two sentences from the words in the table or on the cards. Your partner will choose one to draw and you must draw the other. Strange sentences are also okay, but remember that you may have to draw it.

Table/ Cards to cut up

Christmas cards


a snowflake





in front of


a snowman




a snowman’s neck


Santa’s sack


a star


Santa’s sleigh


a tree


Santa’s stomach


a turkey


a Christmas cake


an angel


next to
a carrot


black buttons


a house






a mince pie


fairy lights


a red hat




a reindeer


the Christmas tree


a reindeer’s mouth


the chimney


a robin redbreast


the table


a scarf


a gift around
a snowball


a ribbon


PDF for easy saving and printing: Xmas prepositions of position games Lift Off 2

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