Making food IELTS process tasks practice

The process of making food

IELTS Academic Writing Part One process tasks practice

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 8

Work in pairs to describe the process of doing one of the things below, using full sentences and avoiding the words “you” and “I”.

– A food which is cooked in front of the customers, e.g. pizza or teppanyaki

– A food which is prepared by the customer in a restaurant, e.g. okonomiyaki, sukiyaki, cream tea or Korean barbecue

– A meal of several courses, e.g. kaiseki

– Changes from the traditional way of preparing something

– Commercial production of a food, e.g. ketchup

– Food preparation which usually takes more than one person, e.g. mochi

– From farm to shop, e.g. bread, mustard or breakfast cereal

– How a part of food is digested and used by the body, e.g. protein

– Making a cocktail or other complicated drink

– Making a dish, e.g. sushi, tempura

– Making a hot drink, e.g. Turkish coffee or Russian tea

– Making and eating a traditional breakfast from one country

– Preparation of a food or drink which needs time to mature, e.g. Christmas pudding

– Preparing a dessert

– Preserving or fermenting food, e.g. dried mushrooms, pickles, kimchi

– Production of a food made from meat, e.g. sausages, culet

– Setting up, using and cleaning a piece of kitchen equipment, e.g. a food mixer

– The spreading of a food from one region to others

– Traditional preparation of an alcoholic drink

– Traditional production of a food or drink, e.g. rice wine, tofu or soy sauce

What kind of language do you need to describe these kinds of processes?


PDF for easy saving and printing: food processes ielts

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