Career stages vocabulary

Market Leader Intermediate Unit 8

Warmer/ trends language revision

Draw your weekend, week or last working day as a graph and explain what it means to your partner(s)

Draw your past, present and future career as some kind of graph. Explain the graph to your partner, telling them why certain parts are rising and dropping

Stages of a career

What are typical stages of someone’s career, e.g. retirement?

Put the following stages of a career onto a timeline by where you think they are most likely to go. If they are likely to happen several times, put it at the first point that it is likely to happen at.

 Permanent contract/ job/ post   Temporary worker/ contract   Freelance   Semi-retired 
 Head hunted   Promotion   Demotion   Job placement 
 Graduate   Posted overseas   On the job training   MBA 
 New recruit   Probationary period   Job fair   Voluntary redundancy 
 Psychometric testing   Team building weekend   Interview panel   Performance related pay 
 Middle manager   Executive   Cubicle   Demotivation 
 Professionally written CV   Fast tracking   Mentoring   Starting salary 
 Unpaid overtime   Self employed   Career break   Year off/ gap year 
 First job  Paid by commission   Dress code   End of year bonus 
 Subsidized cafeteria   Internal recruitment   Induction sessions   Rising star 
 Part-time job   Clerical work  National minimum wage  Glass ceiling

PDF for easy saving and printing: CareerStages

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