Food and drink mimes

Part A: Mime one of the sentences below. You can’t speak, but you can make noises if you need to. Can your partner guess which one you are miming?

You are making a pot of tea.
You are pouring some tea from a teapot into a cup
You are pouring a can of beer into your glass.
You are spreading some butter onto a slice of bread
You are opening a jar of jam
You are opening a tin (= a can) of sweet corn
You are opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew
You are putting some sugar into a cup of coffee
You are eating some spaghetti with a fork
You are eating some noodles with chopsticks
You are chewing a piece of gum
You are drinking a pint of beer “down in one”
You are putting a napkin on your lap
You are tucking a napkin into the top of your shirt.
You are wiping your face with a napkin
You are eating some chicken wings with your hands
You are cutting a loaf of bread
You are eating an ice cream
You are eating some ice cream
You are chopping some vegetables
You are using a microwave (= microwave oven)
You are putting some extra salt and pepper on your food.
You are carving a roast turkey.
You are eating some peas with chopsticks.
You are scraping the black bits off burnt toast.
You are taking something hot out of the oven without using oven gloves.
You are peeling the skin off a banana.
You are peeling the skin off an apple.
You are peeling an onion and your eyes are watering.
You are drinking some cola through a straw
You are making a cheese sandwich
You are squeezing a lemon
You are eating some chocolate
You are eating some chocolates
You are praying before you start to eat.
You are burping after eating too much.
You are covering food in batter.
You are stir frying something in a wok.
Pepper is making you sneeze.

Part B: Continue the game, but with your partner guessing without looking at their sheet.

Part C: Discussion.
In pairs, ask each other how often, when, why etc. you do these things. Do any of them vary from region to region and/ or from country to country?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Food and drink mimes present continuous

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