Writing in English discussion questions

What things did you write last week (in your language, English or other languages)?


– lists

– notes

– phone messages

– formal email or letter

– informal email or letter

– text (= SMS)

– social networking site (e.g. Facebook, My Space, Orkut)

– micro blogging site (e.g. Twitter)

– comment on a blog or photo or video sharing page

– comment on an online forum

– postcard

– card (= a greetings card, e.g. birthday card, Xmas card, get well soon card)

– note (e.g. a Post It on someone’s desk)

– memo

– online chat

– diary

– journal

– schedule

– XL document, e.g. spreadsheet

– expenses claim

– report

– essay

– dissertation

– photo caption

– notice

– sign

– poster

What were the easiest and most difficult to write?

How were those things different from each other (e.g. length, formality, language)?

How might they be different in English and other languages?


PDF version for easy printing: WritingInEnglishDiscussionQs

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