Functional language games/ worksheets

Updated 2 February 2017

Teaching functional language articles

Articles on teaching functional language

Mixed/ general functional language worksheets

Functional language reviews page

Index pages for specific functions (in alphabetical order)

Active listening page

Advantages and disadvantages

Advice activities page

Apologising games/ worksheets page

Brainstorming in groups phrases page

Business English functional and social language page

Beginning and ending conversations page

Clarifying/ checking worksheets page

Comparing and contrasting

Complaints games and worksheets page

Defining your terms page

Emailing functions page

Forgetting and remembering phrases page

Generalising worksheets page

Giving directions page

Giving examples phrases page

Invitations page

Likes and dislikes page

Making arrangements page

Meeting and greeting page

Offers and requests page

Opinions worksheets page

Purpose, cause and effect page

Sharing personal experiences page

Shopping language page – NEW

Small talk games/ worksheets – NEW LINK

Speculating page

Supporting arguments

Thanking phrases page

Turn taking page

Weekends worksheets page

Other photocopiable functional language classroom activities

Being sympathetic and unsympathetic – NEW

Prohibitions Guess the place

Prohibitions signs pictionary

Phrases for quotations game

Present Continuous and special occasions phrases

Pausing for thought game (IELTS speaking)

Lists of functional language for other functions

Giving bad news language (arranged by level, for students or teachers)

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