Functional language games/ worksheets

PDFs on every kind of function, and see the top link for articles. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 4 May 2020

Teaching functional language articles

Articles on teaching functional language

Lists of useful functional language

Functional language lists – NEW PAGE

Mixed/ general functional language worksheets

Functional language reviews page

Functional language index pages A to Z

Active listening page

Advantages and disadvantages

Advice activities page

Apologising games/ worksheets page

Arrangements games/ worksheets page – See Making arrangements page

Bad news – See Good and bad news

Brainstorming in groups phrases page

Business English functional and social language page

Beginning and ending conversations page

Clarifying/ checking worksheets page

Comparing and contrasting

Complaints games and worksheets page

Conversational reactions page

Dealing with complaints – See Complaints games and worksheets page

Defining your terms page

Directions games/ worksheets – See Giving Directions below

Emailing functions page

Examples games/ worksheets – See Giving directions page

Experiences games/ worksheets – See Sharing personal experiences page

Forgetting and remembering phrases page

Formal and informal language games/ worksheets

Generalising worksheets page

Giving directions page

Giving examples phrases page

Giving good and bad news – See Good and bad news

Good and bad news

Hedging games/ worksheets page – See Generalising worksheets page

Interrupting page

Invitations page

Likes and dislikes page

Looking at both sides games/ worksheets – See Advantages and disadvantages

Making arrangements page

Making complaints games/ worksheets – See Complaints games and worksheets page

Meeting and greeting page

Meeting people games/ worksheets – See Meeting and greeting page

Offers page

Offers and requests page

Opinions worksheets page

Personal experiences games/ worksheets – See Sharing personal experiences page

Preferences games/ worksheets – See Likes and dislikes page

Purpose, cause and effect page

Reactions – See conversational reactions

Recommendations games/ worksheets – See Advice activities page

Requests page

Restaurant language page

Sharing personal experiences page

Shopping language page

Small talk games/ worksheets

Social English page

Speculating page

Suggestions games/ worksheets – See Advice activities page

Supporting arguments

Supporting your opinions games/ worksheets – See Supporting arguments

Thanking phrases page

Turn taking page

Other photocopiable functional language classroom activities

Being sympathetic and unsympathetic

Pausing for thought game (IELTS speaking)

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  1. Bonnie says:

    Are you developing anything for online platforms like Kahoot, Poll Everywhere, etc.? So nice to see you’re alive and kicking!

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