Legal English games/ worksheets

Updated 17 April 2018

Photocopiable Legal English classroom materials

Crime and punishment trends (with lots of useful language and brainstorming stage) – NEW

Patents Vocabulary and Discussion

Legal issues supporting your arguments

Differences between legal vocabulary

Legal trivia numbers pairwork

Illegal downloads reading and discussion

Crime and punishment vocabulary/ speaking

Decide on the punishment passive tenses

Past and present crime vocabulary and speaking (including the classic activity of looking at crazy laws)

Crime vocabulary storytelling game

Crime 20 questions guessing game

The Perfect Crime vocabulary guess the story

Crime tense review

Legal English online practice

International Legal English vocabulary trainer

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4 Responses to Legal English games/ worksheets

  1. mikedavies20 says:

    Many thanks. There is some good material here, although I fear that the vocabulary trainer is no longer there.

    You are welcome to look at It is maintained by a great group of Legal English and Business English teachers and is updated frequently.

  2. alexcase says:

    Just took a quick look, and vocab trainer still seems to be there and working

  3. mikedavies20 says:

    Cheers, Alex. All I can see is a blank page. Must be a glitch somewhere.

  4. alexcase says:

    Maybe doesn’t like your browser??

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