Wrong answers in FCE Use of English Part Two error correction

Adapted from Cambridge Practice Tests for First Certificate 2 Test 2

In pairs, explain why the words in the gaps are wrong.

A family portrait is a valuable picture – that is fun to look at now, it’s great for relatives far from, and it will bring back memories in the years to come. Family change quickly as children grow, therefore don’t wait, whatever your position in the family – photograph your family group now, and plan to make this the regular event. Your family album isn’t really complete with this record of all of you together.

Getting the painting of the family together isn’t always easy, and so you will need to plan ahead to be sure anyone has time to pose. A relaxed, friendly feeling is thing that makes the picture, and you can’t expect people to relax whether they’re in a hurry to do some else. Make your plans when you’re all together and with a cheerful, friendly mood – say, during a meal, and set a time convenient about everyone.

A family portrait takes some technical planning, too. Make out your mind in advance where room you want to use; choose your camera position and check the lighting. If you want to be in the picture, make sure you know exactly what the self-timer on your camera operates. With most cameras, you’ll have from eight and twelve seconds to get into the picture after you press the shutter button.

Put the correct words into each gap. They are usually words which are easily confused with the wrong answers which are in the gaps now.


PDF for easy saving and printing: FCE Use of English Part Two Discuss Wrong answers

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