Talking about life changes with be used to get used to

Choose a change in your life such as one of those below and talk about your feelings about those changes, with topics like:

  • how well or badly you coped with the changed
  • big changes and smaller changes
  • changes that were difficult and easy for you
  • changes that your previous life had prepared you for
  • changes that were instantly or quickly okay
  • changes that slowly or never became okay
  • things which are still difficult now

Your partner will listen, ask for more details, then share their similar or different experiences and feelings.

Changes related to homes

  • Children moving out/ Empty nest
  • Living alone
  • Move house
  • Move out/ Leave home
  • Moving from a house to a flat/ Moving from an apartment to a house
  • Moving in with someone
  • Moving rooms
  • Moving somewhere smaller/ larger
  • Renovate a house/ Decorate a house
  • Sharing a house
  • Staying with a host family
  • Staying with in-laws

Other changes

  • Become a parent/ grandparent/ uncle/ aunt
  • Being pregnant
  • Being promoted
  • Children growing up
  • Getting married
  • Getting older/ Getting old
  • Leaving university
  • Living abroad
  • Losing your license/ Selling your car
  • Moving from school to university
  • Puberty/ Adolescence/ Being a teenager
  • Splitting up/ Getting divorced
  • Starting school/ Starting kindergarten
  • Starting to drive/ Getting a car
  • Starting work/ Starting a new job
  • Stopping work (e.g. retiring)


PDF for easy saving and printing: talking about life changes with be used to get used to