Agreeing on comparisons (comparatives and giving opinions)

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 6

Choose a few of the things below and work together to agree on at least one comparison between those things:

Business meetings in your country/ Business meetings in another country

PowerPoint presentations in your country/ PowerPoint presentations in another country

Advertising in your country/ Advertising in another country

Emails in your language/ Emails in English

Polite language in your language/ Polite language in English

Working for a foreign company in your country/ Working for a domestic company

Working in a large company/ Working in a small or medium-sized company

Being a middle manager/ Being an executive

Being an employee/ Being self-employed

Being a casual worker, freelancer or temp/ Having a permanent contract or job for life

Teleconferences/ Video conferences

Being sacked (= being fired)/ Being made redundant (= being downsized)

Pay/ Perks

Demotion/ Losing your job

PA/ Secretary

Civil servant/ Office worker in the private sector

The HR department/ The R&D Department

Tell the class some of your opinions and see if they agree

What language could you use to give your opinions, e.g. in the sentence

“… being freelance is more stressful than having a permanent job”

What phrases for giving opinions, asking for opinions, agreeing and disagreeing can you think of using the following words?













Listen to tapescript 32 and see if you can add any more language to the boxes above.

Have the same discussion in groups and see if you have the same opinions.


PDF for easy saving and printing: agreeing on comparisons

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