Passives tense review

Review of all Passive forms

A: Preparatory grammar

Which tense are the verbs in each sentence below in?

Someone builds
Someone is building
Someone built
Someone has built
Someone was building
Someone had built

 Put these verbs into the same tenses.



Present Simple
Simple Past
Present Continuous
Past Continuous
Present Perfect
Past Perfect

 B: Work Out the Rule for Making All Passives Tenses

Which tense is this?                                     Someone discovered it.

Why is the passive of that sentence “It was discovered”?

Which tense is ‘to be’ in that sentence? So, which tense is the sentence in?

Which tense is this?                                                 Someone had discovered it.

Which tense is ‘to be’ in here?                               It had been discovered.

So, which tense is the sentence in?

Which tense is this?                                                 Someone was discovering it.

So, which tense do we need for ‘Be’ in the passive form?

So, write the whole passive sentence.

The rule is: To write a passive form of an active sentence, write ‘to be’ in the ________ tense as the main verb of the active sentence and add the _______  _________.

C: Make Your Own Table of Passive Tenses

Fill in the table below using the rules above.




Someone translates it
Someone is translating it
Someone translated it
Someone was translating it
Someone has translated it
Someone had translated it

D: Active or passive?

(Remember: Passive = Be + Past Participle/ 3rd Form)

1. How is this word pronounced?

2. A bullet killed him.

3. I was accused of stealing money.

Now write 5 more for your partner to check if they are active or passive







PDF for easy saving and printing: Passives tense review

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