IELTS Speaking Part One about hometown

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 9


Student A

 Are you from (Tokyo)? / Are you from round here? (Have you ever lived anywhere else?)

 Where were you born? (How long did you live there?)

 Tell me a little about where you come from. (Is it a good place to live in?)

 How often do you go back to your hometown? (What do you do while you are there?)

 What kind of transport do people usually use in your hometown? (Why do they choose that way/ those ways, do you think?)

 Would you say your hometown a good place to live? (Why?/ Why not?)


 Has your hometown influenced you much? (What makes you say that?)


 Would you like to live in your hometown when you retire/ get older? (Why/ Why not?)


Student B

 Are you from the country or the city? (Which do you think is a better place to bring up a child?)

 Where did you grow up? / Where did you live when you were a child? (How did you feel about living there then?)

 Where is your family from? (How long is your family’s connection to that place?)

 Can you tell me something about your hometown? (Is it famous for anything?)

 Do you often visit the area where you were born? (What is there to do there?)

 What’s the most interesting part of your hometown? (Would most people agree that is the highlight?)


 Has your hometown changed much? (What is the biggest change?)


 Do you think your hometown will change much in the near future? (What changes would you like to make?)


Student C

 Where are you from? (Does your family have a long connection to that place?)

 What kind of place is your hometown? (Do you know any other places which are similar?)

 How long have you been in (Tokyo)? (Is this the only place that you have lived in?)

 Is your hometown popular with visitors? (What is there for tourists to do there?)

 What kind of jobs do people in your hometown do? (Is it different in other places nearby?)


 Have your opinions about your hometown changed? (Why/ Why not?)


 When are you next going back to your hometown? (What do you think you will do while you are there?)

 Would you like to bring up a family in the place where you were born? (Why/ Why not?)


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part One hometown

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