IELTS Speaking Part Two about Nature

 Speak about a trip to the countryside that you took. Things to include in your presentation:- Where you went

– What it was like

– What you did there

And whether you would like to visit the same area of countryside again or not and why

 Give a short presentation about a national park, wildlife sanctuary or other area of countryside in your country. You should say:- Where it is

– What it is like

– What makes it special

And say whether you think that is well preserved or not, and why

Useful language:

“It reminds/ reminded me of…”

“It’s something like…”

“It’s approximately…”

“It is located…”

hill                            (virgin) forest                      lake                           pond

wood             bushes                                  swamp                      bog

valley             (natural) spring                   slope                         mountain

peak                          coniferous trees                  deciduous trees        wetlands

park warden  campsite                              stream                       desert

wild birds                 birds of prey             predators                  path

poisonous animals/ plants                        mountain hut           coral reef

sting                          picnic tables/ area    (log) cabin                bird watching

(white water) rafting                                            species                      hunting

archipelago   peninsular                            waterfall                   landslide

earthquake                volcano                                avalanche                 forestry


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part Two nature

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