Telephoning roleplays and vocabulary for architects

Present Simple and Continuous – Business Result Pre-Int Unit 2

Choose the telephoning situations which are most realistic for you (in English or in your own language) and roleplay them with your partner.

Phone a client and tell them that you won’t be able to finish the project by the deadline

Phone a client to discuss changing the budget for a project

Take a call from a supplier who wants to inform you about new materials

Phone to check the progress of a project and what stage they are at now.

You are a journalist for an architecture magazine. Phone a famous architect and ask interview questions about their daily routine and present projects.

Pretend you are a client phoning an architect to ask them to make some changes to a design.

Someone keeps phoning to speak to the chief architect at your firm. Give them different reasons each time why he is too busy to speak to them.

Useful language

Examples of buildings you could talk about:

(Detached/ Semi-detached/ Terraced) house/ Bungalow/ Hotel/ B&B/ Care home/ Hospital/ Clinic/ (High rise) block of flats/ Office building/ Community centre/ Old people’s home/ Shopping centre/ Department store/ Sports centre/ Gym/ Market/ Warehouse/ Factory/ Plant

Examples of stages:

Planning permission/ Safety inspection/ Ribbon cutting (ceremony)/ Laying the foundation stone/ Concept/ Public meeting/ Plastering/ Laying foundations/ Demolishing previous building/ Scaffolding/ Plumbing/ Wiring/ Fittings/ Flooring (= linoleum, carpet etc)/ Finishing touches/ Columns/ Internal walls/ Roof/ Windows/ Facing/ Bidding/ Architectural competition/ Design/ Consultation/ Sketch/ Model/ Computer modelling/ (Final) go ahead/ Estimate/ Blueprint/ Survey/ Landscaping


PDF  for easy saving and printing: Telephoning_roleplays_for_architects

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