Adjectives agreeing and adding to pamphlet

Cutting Edge Advanced Module 4

Describe something, somewhere or someone with one adjective, and let your partner have one guess about what you are describing. Add other adjectives, adverbs and nouns until they work out what you are talking about. Do they agree with your description?

Choose a thing, place or person and take turns adding words to make a longer and longer description.

Try to agree on as many words as you can put into each gap (adjectives, adverbs or nouns). The group with the most words in each gap gets a point.

We hate _____________________________________________ weather

We had a/ an __________________________________________ week/ weekend

English is a/ an __________________________________________ language

Beijing is a/ an _______________________________________ city

Acupuncture is a/ an __________________________________ therapy

Colour therapy is a/ an ________________________________ way of treating stress

We’d like to have a/ an ___________________________________ body

We’d vote for a/ an _______________________________________ politician

We expect to have a/ an ____________________________________ Chuseok

We like ______________________________________________ books

We have a/ an ____________________________________________ diet

We do _________________________________________________ exercise

We’d like to belong to a/ an ___________________________________ gym

Discuss what you would want from a gym as a class

Add as many extra words as you can to the pamphlet below to make it more descriptive and effective in attracting customers. You shouldn’t need to change any of the words that are there, apart from maybe changing a to an.

Unlike other centres, Fit as a Fiddle allocates a trainer to every member. Your trainer will help you to set goals and build up an exercise programme. You don’t even have to go to the gym – your trainer can provide you with a video to use at home, if that suits you better.

All our trainers are instructors who have experience in training. Their aim is to motivate and give help and advice, in a ‘family’ atmosphere.

No problem! You are the kind of person our centres are designed for. We can give you a programme to ease you back into exercise and make it a part of your life.

Even if you can only spare half an hour twice a week, we will find the way for you to use it. Most of our centres have openings when they open at 7 a.m., so you could fit in half an hour in the gym before work.

Yes, we can. Every centre has an expert who can design a diet for you, or give you advice about eating and help you change dietary habits.

Other facilities include: a timetable of classes such as aerobics, kick boxing and yoga, treatments such as massage and physiotherapy, a sauna and steam room, refreshments.

You can join for four weeks to start with. We have membership deals from one month to one year.

Compare your version with the one on page 45. Would you add any of those extra words and expressions to your version? Are there any things in your version which you think are better?

What do you think about it as a pamphlet? Are there any other ways it could be improved?

What are the rules for good pamphlet writing, do you think?


PDF version for easy printing: Agree on adjectives

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