Comparing countries

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 3

Choose two countries you both know or know about and compare them to the country that you are in now. Agree on at least one sentence for each of the phrases below:

____________________ is a little/ a bit/ a little bit ______________________

___________________ is a tiny bit _________________________________

___________________ is far/ a lot/ much ____________________________

___________________ is by far ___________________________________

__________________ is the second _______________________________

Try to make similar sentences about France, Ireland and the UK.

Look at the data on page 138 and check if what you said was correct.

How would you pronounce the numbers in that table?

Listen to the recording and say whether the sentences match the table or not.

Make similar true or false sentences and see whether your partners can identify which one they are with their books closed.

Agree on similar comparisons between the city that you are in now and how it was in the past.

You are going to hear people talking about the changes in Hong Kong after the Chinese takeover and Moscow after the end of communism. What do you think they will say? Listen to T3.4 and check.


PDF version for easy printing: ComparingCountries

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