Your teacher- Presentations and discussion

Inside Out Upper Intermediate Unit 12 (Student)

Your partner is going to speak for between 2 and 4 minutes about one of their teachers. As they speak, tick off the topics that they speak about.


  • Name
  • Gender (= sex)
  • Position
  • Age (at that time or now)
  • Period they taught your partner
  • Period they were in that job or school
  • What they looked like
  • What they were like, inc. character (= personality)
  • Who they were like (i.e. similarities and differences to other teachers or other people- real or fictional)
  • Clothes
  • Possessions
  • How well they taught
  • How they taught
  • Other jobs that they might have been good at
  • Relationship with your partner and other people
  • Rules they imposed
  • Punishments and other classroom control techniques they used
  • Knowledge of their subject
  • Interests
  • Personal history
  • Popularity
  • Good points and bad points
  • Ticks and bad habits
  • Things they often said or did
  • Favourite topics
  • Memorable things they said
  • Things they said about your partner
  • What things they said turned out to be true or not
  • How they have influenced/ will influence your partner’s future

After they finish speaking, asking them questions about any topics they didn’t speak about.


Useful language“Oh sorry, didn’t I mention that?…””I had meant to talk about that…””That’s a good question…”


“That’s connected to what I said about…”

“I didn’t really notice”

“That’s not the kind of thing that stands out when you are a kid”



Discussion questions

If you haven’t discussed the last two points on the checklist above, discuss them now. Then move onto these questions:


  • – Do teachers in your country tend to predict or give advice on people’s future careers? What do they tend to say?
  • – What kind of advice and other comments would be most useful for a child or his or her parents to hear from a teacher?
  • – What positive and negative impacts could comments like this have on a child’s future? What other things a teacher does could influence children’s future?
  • – How well is it possible to predict a child’s future from their personality, behaviour and performance at school?

You are going to read three people’s experiences of teachers predicting and giving advice on their future. What did they say, and what effect did it have?


What future tenses are in the texts? How are they similar and different in structure and meaning?


Make your own predictions about the future of education in your country. Does your partner agree with your predictions?


Possible topics:



University entrance tests


Student loans/ student debt

The proportion of students going to university


Violence against teachers

Corporal punishment

Use of technology in classrooms (Interactive Whiteboards etc)

Robot teachers

School hours

Cost of education/ tuition fees

Mature students

Foreign students

Financial support for students

Cram schools

Old school tie (connections)

Oxbridge/ Ivy League universities


Rote learning

Continuous assessment

Being put down a year

Single sex schools/ co-ed


What kind of advice should parents give their children?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Your teacher presentations

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