Trends and conditionals discussion and grammar presentation

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Unit 9 pages 95 and 96

With your partner, discuss what the options are and your choice of what to do in each situation below:


1. Health care gets worse

2. Roads become more dangerous

3. Inflation rises

4. The cost of travel goes up

5. The quality of TV programmes deteriorates

6. The education system deteriorates

Social responsibility

a) You find a wallet in the street

b) You are given too much change in a shop or restaurant

c) Your company has lots of extra printer paper and you need some at home

d) You know no one will check if you buy a train ticket or not

e) You know there are no speed cameras on a particular road

f) You’ve kept a library book for a very long time and you are embarrassed to take it back or will get a big fine

g) You want to take a day off and you have some paid sick days you haven’t taken off

h) You could avoid tax by telling the taxman your income is lower than it really is

i) The only parking space available is a disabled parking space

j) You have been carrying your rubbish for an hour and you still can’t find a litter bin

Listen to tapescript 9.3 on page 96 or your teacher talking about one of the topics, and identify which of the topics in Social Responsibility above they are talking about.

Analyse the grammar they use when talking about these topics by writing down any of the sentences they use “if” with.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Trends and conditionals

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