IELTS Speaking Part Three on minds

IELTS Speaking Part Three questions on the topic of minds

Objective IELTS Advanced Unit 16

Take turns asking each other questions from below for three or four minutes. If your partner shows they don’t understand the question, repeat it and then rephrase it. As in the exam, you can extend the conversations if you like.  

Student A

  •       Are people in your country worried about falling educational standards?
  • ·        At what age do you think children should be put into different classes depending on their academic ability?
  • ·        Can you explain why some people are naturally more cheerful?
  • ·        Can you think of any bad effects of teaching foreign languages to young kids? (On balance, do you think it is a good thing?)
  • ·        Do you believe that people your age in your country enjoy intellectually stimulating pastimes?
  • ·        Do you think it is okay for families to force unwilling children to continue studying music? (Why do you have that opinion?)
  • ·        Do you think it’s good for boys and girls to be taught different ways?
  • ·        Do you think that the pressure parents put on their children to succeed academically is changing?
  • ·        Do you think the government should put more technology into schools?
  • ·        What problems can be caused by pressure on children to succeed academically?
  • ·        Why do you think some people are so interested in what they dream about?

Student B

  • ·        Are people in your country interested in foods that are meant to boost brain power, do you think?
  • ·        Are there times when it’s better to just accept stress rather than try to fight it?
  • ·        Can you contrast IQ with real intelligence?
  • ·        Can you identify ways in which people can teach themselves to be more positive?
  • ·        Could you describe how people deal successfully with stress?
  • ·        Do you think being forced to mix with people is always a good thing for people who lack social skills?
  • ·        Do you think it is possible for adults to just pick up foreign languages without conscious effort? (Why/ Why not?)
  • ·        Do you think that exposing yourself to things you are afraid of is a good idea?
  • ·        Do you think that schools’ approach to primary school education is about right?
  • ·        Do you think there is a danger that the use of technology could make us less intelligent?
  • ·        How important are genes in deciding someone’s intelligence, do you think?
  • ·        What can you do to improve your memory?
  • ·        What is the biggest mental problem in your country, do you think?

Make more questions for each other with the question stems which are underlined above.


PDF for easy saving and printing: IELTS Speaking Part Three mind

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