HR vocabulary advice practice

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Units 14 and 15

Choose one of the problems below and ask for your partners’ advice. Which piece of advice is the best each time?

 I have to read over 100 emails by the end of today.

 I have to write a thirty-page report before Monday.

 I can work from home two days a week but I waste too much time on Facebook and Twitter.

 I spend 30 hours a week in meetings.

 I can never meet the deadlines my boss sets me because he/ she doesn’t allow me enough time to do the work properly.

 Meetings never finish on time.

 I don’t have enough time to spend with my family.

What phrases can you use to give advice, e.g. those beginning with “If…”?

Using those phrases, give each other advice on the new topic of training:

 My boss has told me to improve my performance

 I want to develop my English skills

 My boss has asked me to set my own goal for my TOEIC score

 I don’t know how to achieve the goal of 600 in TOEIC

 I have to give feedback to someone who gave a terrible presentation

 I want to improve my promotion prospects

 My team is not motivated

What advice would you give a boss who has to conduct an annual appraisal interview?

Are these things good or bad ideas?

 use your own office for the interview

 do most of the talking

 start with one or two questions about the employee’s personal life

 give negative feedback first

 discuss if the employee achieved last year’s goals

 offer solutions when goals haven’t been achieved

Listen to recording 67 and compare it with your own ideas.


PDF for easy saving and printing: HR vocabulary advice Business Result Pre Units 14 and 15

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