Your stressful week

Simple Past and Present Perfect

Market Leader Pre-Intermediate New Edition Unit 5

Find who had the most stressful and least stressful week, and the most stressful moments of your weeks. Possible topics:

Boss being awayFinishing in plenty of time/ early

A slack period



Getting something off your chest


Fresh air

A change

A lie in

A bath


Long weekend

Someone helping you

Being allowed to do something your own way

Something you are good at or confident at

Good work-life balance

Leaving the rat race

Perks of the job

Praise or encouragement



A change of pace


A free afternoon

Seeing a counsellor

A sauna

Giving presentations/ conference speechesStrict deadlines

Criticism or complaints

Physical discomfort or pain

Commuting and other travel

Delays                    Negotiations

Budgets and other money worries

Applying for jobs

Using another language

Cultural differences         Responsibilities

Medical treatment or worries

Restrictions                Irritations

Queues                    Competition


Working hours, e.g. overtime or irregular hours/ shift work

Heavy workload

Dealing with head office or top managers

Rude or aggressive people

Impatience                    Cuts

Overspending                 Breakdowns

Demotivation                  Crowds

Arguments                    Pressure

Poor light or ventilation

Low morale


Bureaucracy/ Administration

Being closely monitored

Being cooped up/ Lack of space


Being interrupted

Talking to a brick wall


Your stressful week

Simple Past and Present Perfect- Market Leader Pre-Intermediate New Edition Unit 5

Grammar presentation

Fill the gaps below with the right tenses

“Do you often have to make phone calls in English?” “Actually, I _____________________ (never make) a phone call in English (in my life/ in my present job)?”

“Do you often make phone calls in English?” “Yes. Actually, I _____________________ a phone call in English just before this lesson/ last night”

Why are the different tenses used?


What’s the difference in meaning between?


“How was your week?” and “How has your week been?”


Stressful moments bluff

Simple Past and Present Perfect- Market Leader Pre-Intermediate New Edition Unit 5

Choose one of the things below and ask your partner about having that experience (in their life). They must answer “Yes”. Then ask them three more questions and try to guess whether their “Yes” was true or not

 A panel interview with a large panel
 A test in a foreign language
 Technical problems during an important presentation or meeting
 Working nights
 Team building exercises
 A row with someone in authority
 Physical danger
 Having to learn something by heart
 A competitive exam
 Something disgusting at work
 Ridiculous rules
 Missing an important deadline
 Losing something important
 Getting in trouble for being late
 A video conference
 A conference call with many participants
 Seeing a stress counsellor
 Stand up for a very long time
 Work in the dark or cold

What are the most stressful things above, do you think?


What jobs are the most and least stressful?


PDF version for easy printing: YourStressfulWeek

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