Cambridge Proficiency Speaking Part Three video worksheet – Ollin and Rodrigo


Ollin’s Speaking Part Three task sheet


Which is preferable, making your own decisions or asking others for advice?

–       in education

–       at work

–       at different ages



Rodrigo’s Speaking Part Three task sheet


How much are people’s decisions influenced by the media?

–       spending habits

–       current affairs

–       entertainment



Ollin and Rodrigo Speaking Part Three transcript (slightly edited) 

Ollin: I think it’s a really interesting question. Well, of course it’s a very personal question. Um, well for me personally I prefer making my own decisions. Well, obviously I ask other people for their advice. But at the end I think it’s very important that you decide on something because you are convinced by it and not because someone else convinced you of that or persuaded you to do something else, because you always have to be able to stand up for it to defend your own opinions and you can only do so if you actually decided to do it by yourself and did the whole thinking process for yourself. Now that I see the recommendations, I see that they contrast education and work. And during education I suppose that it’s much more important to take others’ advice, probably from your teachers and from your parents because they have had more experience than yourself. And sometimes they even know you better, most of all when you are just during puberty. So, they might take decisions from a better basis. In work, it’s really important to be a team player, to always take into account many different opinions and not just to try to push forward your own thoughts.

Examiner: And Rodrigo, generally thinking do you think you are a decisive person.

Rodrigo: Yes, I am, I think. Although I like to hear some advice, usually from my parents. I like to ask them and have their point of view so that I can gauge what I want to do myself.

Examiner: How about you, Ollin?

Ollin: Me personally? Um, yeah, no, my parents always want what I best for me, so I always have to take their opinion into account. But at the end it’s still just my own decision. Nothing is going to change that.

Examiner: Thank you. Now Rodrigo, it’s your turn to be given a question and here is your card. Please let Ollin see your card. And remember, Rodrigo, you have about two minutes to tell us what you think, and there are some ideas on the card for you to use if you like. All right?

Rodrigo: Okay. So, the question is about how much are people’s decisions influenced by the media. I think nowadays, since we have television and internet, everything is somehow related to the media and different ways of communication and networks. Mainly, the spending habits, as it says here, since we live in a consumption society we like to follow some, I don’t know if I would call them rules, but we are somehow influenced by advertising (advertisements and ways of advertising). So, I think it is very much influenced by media, like Facebook for example. Facebook at the beginning used to be just about talking to people or meeting them or just having fun, but nowadays you enter and the first thing that you see is ads about different, I don’t know, shampoo, or trips, or university education. It is really comprised of an immense variety of things, a pretty wide range. And about current affairs, when we are reading newspapers or we watch television, you have different points of view, you have left…



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