New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 1 and 2 vocab definitions game

Choose one of the words below and define it until your partner recognises what word you are talking about. 

a shame                                                                     acquaintance

architecture                                                                arrest

au pair                                                          beat someone up

best friend                                                                  blame

bully                                                                             casual clothes

chat                                                                             crazy about…

dare                                                                            daughter-in-law

drop someone a line                                   exhausted

extended family                                           fairground

fantastic                                                                      Finns

flirt                                                                               furious

get in touch                                                                give someone a lift

go out with                                                                  gran

hang out (with)                                             headteacher

hideous                                                                      housework

keep in touch                                                             lean meat

marble                                                          mental arithmetic

over-enthusiastic                                                       pensioner

pocket money                                              PS

ready meals/ microwave meals/ TV dinners

regularly                                                                      relative (n)

serve someone right                                   smart clothes

startling                                                         stepmother

Swedes                                                                      terrified

threaten                                                                      upset


Useful language

verb/ adverb/ noun/ adjective/ preposition


positive word – negative word

(phrases for remembering and forgetting)


PDF version for easy printing: Cutting Edge Int Mod 1 and 2 Vocab definitions game

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