Remembering and forgetting discussion questions

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 2

Put remember, learn, remind, forget, recognise, lose into the gaps in the correct tense:

1. Would you stay with a husband or wife who ___________ their memory, or would you put them in an old persons’ home?

2. How did you _____________ how to use the English phonemic chart?

3. How can you ________________ your best friend/ boyfriend/ girlfriend in a crowd?

4. Have you ever _________ a poem by heart? Why did you choose that one?

5. Have you ever _______ an English song by heart? How did you learn the lyrics?

6. Are there any other languages that you’d like to _________________? Why?

7. Do you think this school should ______________ you about special holidays/ the end of term, or is it okay just to tell you once at the beginning of term?

8. Do you always ____________ your relatives’ birthdays, or does someone have to __________you?

9. Do you ____ when you first realised that Father Christmas/ fairies didn’t exist?

10. What do you do to __________________ new words in English?

11. Do you ever __________ the anniversary of when you met your boyfriend/ girlfriend/ of your marriage?

12. Has anyone ever told you that you _______________ them of someone famous/ someone else that they know/ someone else in your family? What are the similarities between you and that person?

13. Which classic group or singer (from the 70s or earlier) can you _____ most tunes by? Why?

14. What thing or things do you most often __________? Where do you usually find it/ them?

15. What smells/ tastes/ sights/ sounds _____ you of when you were a young child?

16. What do you __________________ about the pre-school/ playschool/ nursery/ kindergarten that you went to?

Choose questions to ask your partner (they should turn over so they listen properly)


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Remembering and forgetting discussion questions

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