Email language definitions game and useful links

Try to define words and sentences without using the word on the cards. When your partner has guessed exactly right you can swap or move onto the next one.

 Dear  Ms  Mr  Mrs  Dr
 Sir  Sirs  Madam  Sir or Madam  All the best
 Best regards  Yours  Yours sincerely  Yours faithfully  CU
I look forward to hearing from you soon It was great to hear from you Thank you for your letter of…  Dear Tony  This was due to…
Well, I must get back to work now. Unfortunately,…  Re:  Hi  XXX
 Lots of love Hugs and kisses Give my regards to …. Say ‘Hi’ to …. from me. Give my love to ….
 Miss you Long time no see!  Tel.  Ref. No:  Your ref:
 Our ref:  To whom it may concern  Thank you in advance  Write soon! … please do not hesitate to ask
Please accept my apologies for…  How’s it going? I would like to introduce myself. I am writing to you about… Sorry I haven’t been in touch.
Thank you for your letter dated… Thank you for your quick reply. I hope you are feeling better. I look forward to working with you How are things?
 Gotta go This is just a quick note to say… Will get back to you soon Sorry to write to you out of the blue but… I would like to inform you that…
 Cheers  How are things? I regret to inform you that… I’m afraid I’m… ing at that time …please do not hesitate to contact me
 CC  BCC  Best wishes  XOXO  btw

PDF for easy saving and printing: EmailingDefinitionsGame


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