Office vocabulary Comparatives guessing game

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Unit 6

Describe one of the things by comparing it to other things until your partner guesses what you are talking about

A (permanent) marker                                  A (postage) stamp

A (security) badge                                        A ballpoint (pen) (= A biro)  

A box of staples                                            A briefcase

A (light)bulb                                                    A bulldog clip

A business card holder                                A calculator

A cardboard box                                           A clear folder

A clipboard                                                    A coat rack

A cubicle                                                        A cupboard

A date stamp                                                 A desk lamp

A diary                                                            A Dictaphone (= A voice recorder)

A door stopper                                              A drinks machine

An electric fan                                                A fax (machine)

A filing cabinet                                               A fire extinguisher

A first aid box                                                A fountain pen

A glue stick (= a Pritt Stick)                         A headset

A highlighter (pen)                                         A hole punch

A laptop (computer)                                      A lever arch file

A light switch/ A panel of light switches

A locker                                                          A monitor

A mouse pad                                                 A mug

A notepad/ notebook                                    A notice board

A pad of Post Its                                            A padded envelope

A pair of scissors                                          A paperclip

A partition                                                      A pencil sharpener

A photocopier                                                A plug (= An electrical plug)

A projector                                                     A projector screen

A ream of photocopy paper             A ring binder

A roll of Sellotape                                          A rubber band

A ruler                                                             A sheet of stickers/ A sheet of labels

A (paper) shredder                                       A smoke detector

A socket (= An outlet)                                   A stapler

A swivel chair                                                A tape dispenser

A thumbtack (= A drawing pin)                    A (USB) (stick)

A vending machine                                       A video cabinet

A wastepaper basket (= A bin)                   A water cooler

A whiteboard marker                                    An address book

An answering machine (= An Ansafone)    An ashtray

An automatic (= mechanical) pencil            An electronic dictionary

An eraser (= A rubber)                                 An extension lead

An instruction manual                                   An intercom

An umbrella stand                                         Blinds

Bookends                                                      Bookshelves

Fluorescent lights                                          Kitchen area

Drawers                                                         Laser pointer

Pigeon holes                                                 Recycling bins

Scrap paper



Useful adjectives for describing objects



Big (= Large) – Small

Expensive – Cheap


Heavy – Light

Long – Short

Tall/ High – Short

Wide – Narrow


Quick – Slow



Ecologically friendly/ Green

Modern – Old-fashioned

High tech – Low tech

Complex/ Difficult to understand – Simple/ Easy to use

User friendly

Common – Rare

Thick- Thin

Noisy – Quiet

Energy efficient

Reliable – Unreliable





Useful structures


Much (much)/ A lot/ Far/ Considerably                  more/ …er/ less… than…

A (tiny) bit/ Slightly/ A little (bit)                              more/ …er/ less… than…

(Not) as… as

Almost/ Nearly as… as…

More or less/ Approximately as… as…

Twice/ Three times/ Four times as… as…./ …er…than…/ more… than…



PDF for easy saving and printing: Office_Vocabulary_Comparatives

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  1. kimberluch says:

    Love these activities! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

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