Classroom collocations list

By object


Touch the carpet (with your…) (and

Jump/ hop on the carpet

Sit on the carpet (with your hands on your head/ with your legs in the air)

Look at the carpet (Closer!)

Listen to the carpet

Point at the carpet

Lie (on your back/ front) on the carpet

Wash the carpet

Cut the carpet (with scissors)

Tiptoe on the carpet

Don’t touch the carpet

Only touch the carpet with one foot and one hand/ one foot and one finger/ one knee and one elbow

Kneel on the carpet

Stand on/ Don’t stand on the cracks in the carpet


Table/ chair

Touch the table (legs) (and a chair)

Touch the table next to the door

Touch the blue table

Touch the biggest table

Touch all the tables

(Touch and) count the tables

Point at a table

Shoot a table

Kick the table

Push the table

Pull the table

Pick the table up

Turn the table (round/ upside down)

Colour on the table (Only pretend!)

Write on the table

Stand next to/ behind/ in front of the table

Stand between two tables

Stand between the table and the window

Sit on the table

Put your head on/ under/ next to a table

Put a book on the table

Clean the table

Run around the table

Separate the tables

Push the tables together

Crawl under the table


Book/ bag etc

Bring me a book (please)

Lift up a book (Higher! Higher!)

Open the book

Put a pencil in a book

Look at a book

Look in a book


Window/ door

Open the window

Look out of the window

Take one step towards the door



Punch a hole in the wall

Paint the wall

Run along the wall

Knock on the wall (with your knuckles)

Touch two walls (at the same time)

Push the wall


By verb

Touch/ point at/ look at/ shoot the window/ door/ floor/ ceiling/ teacher


Touch/ point at/ look at/ shoot a boy/ girl/ bag/ eraser/ book/ chair/ desk/ table


Stand/ sit/ lie on/ in/ under/ next to/ in front of/ behind/ near the whiteboard/ a table/ a chair/ the fire bell/ the blue door


Put your head/ body/ bag/ book/ toes/ hands/ feet/ legs/ bottom/ chin on/ in/ under/ next to/ in front of/ behind/ near


Put your right/ left sock/ shoe/ foot/ little finger/ big toe/ leg/ elbow/ shoulder/ hand/ thumb/ middle finger/ index finger/ palm/ cheek/ thigh/ knee on/ in/ under/ next to/ in front of/ behind/ near


Make/ stand in/ sit in a circle/ a line/ a square/ a triangle


Make/ stand in/ sit in two/ three/ four circles/ squares/


Push the door/ table


Jump on the blue carpet/ the wooden floor


Crawl under the table/ through the chair


Turn the chair around


Run around the table


Take one step towards the door

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