Units 6 to 8 vocab revision comparatives game


shark host family air stewardess/ cabin crew/ air hostess sunbathe
emergency stream hot spring sunstroke
sunburn rolling pin corkscrew kitchen roll
whisk tiger tricky invitation
dehydrated The Earth sweat clubbing
campsite bed and breakfast (= B&B) Mars lasagne
spread the moon cotton statue
The Statue of Liberty Ferris wheel/ big wheel skyscraper mother in law
sister in law niece nephew roof
manual worker smoked salmon cockroach prime minister (= PM)
capital city rarely stomach (= belly) Oslo
Copenhagen toothpick belch (= burp) slurp
down in one Canberra Buenos Aires refrigerator (= fridge)
freezer cooker recording studio central heating
staple rubber band envelope chef
stapler ruler hot-air balloon Tippex
armchair parachute social life a hot water tap (= faucet)
shop assistant karaoke bar microwave (oven) minibar
snore itchy capital punishment conference
lottery (= lotto) terrace balcony spa
tidy pub priest single room
volcano fog factory cloud
observatory Euros coach (= long distance bus) psychologist
floor floating flag Eiffel Tower
estate agent furniture argue neighbour
bark cigarette fireplace colleague (= workmate)
lettuce fountain babysitter ingredients
spaghetti bolognese neighbour annual nightmare
definitely tourist sightseeing nail clippers
jellyfish mosquito ant The Outback
immigration check in desk phrasebook hiking
weather forecast travellers’ cheques theatre (= playhouse) tap water
city centre single ticket return ticket metal detector
insurance The Swedish The Germans waterskiing
“The Tube” travelcard traffic lights crisps
biscuit (shopping) basket chicken wings chicken breast
myth nightlife Antarctic desert
turtle sailing picnic souvenir
sunset goat service charge politics
Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean oxygen


Choose one of the boxes above and compare it with other things (on the worksheets or not) until your partner guesses which one you chose, e.g. “It’s smaller than a whale. It’s more dangerous than a dolphin” (Shark)


PDF version for easy saving and printing:New Eng File Elem Us 6 7 and 8 vocab revision

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