Inside Out Unit 1 Madonna text vocabulary

How do you think the vocabulary below is connected to Madonna?

subservient/ subservience/ submissive

a gash

dead straight

sum up


take her at face value

convent girl

burning ambition

have an eye on the role

it’s no coincidence that Steven Spielberg is looking for…

a film adaptation of Memoirs of a Geisha

her new look

it paid off

Who can blame her?

an uncanny resemblance to…

make it her own

a trashy punk

a clever pastiche

glitzy jewellery

she entranced…

she had already moved on

a gangster’s moll

put on weight



loose hair (falling over her shoulders)

she was expecting her daughter

vanished from view

every colour under the sun

cut in a bob



PDF version for easy saving and printing: IO Upper U 1 Madonna text vocab

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