Christmas vocabulary passive voice guessing game

Choose one of the things below and describe it until your partner guesses what you are speaking about. They can only guess once per hint.

Useful passive sentences for describing things

A coin/… is put in it/ on it/…

… is written on it/ in it.

A noise is made by…

It can(‘t) be bought…

It can be easily broken.

It can be found…

It can be kept/ stored…

It can be made at home (from…)

It can be prepared one year before.

It can be seen in Home Alone/ in A Muppet Christmas Carol/ in…

It can be used to make…

It can only be used once.

It can’t be drunk by children.

The same one can be used every year.

It is prepared by…

It has been used for… years (in this country).

It has been replaced by electric lights on the tree.

It is coated in chocolate/ gravy/ icing/ marzipan…

It is drunk/ eaten by vegetarians/ by…/ with turkey/ with…

It is (especially) enjoyed by children/ old people/…

It is given (by children/ Santa) (to the reindeer/ children/ Santa) (on Xmas Day/…)

It is grown…

It is heated…

It is hung on a Xmas tree/ on the wall/ from the ceiling/ on a door/ on the fireplace/…

It is imported from China/ from…

It is made from chocolate/ silver foil/…

It is(n’t) often used in this country.

It is opened…

It is powered by electricity.

It is pulled by…

It is put on a window/ on the roof/ on the table/… (and…)

It is sent…

It is sung…

It needs to be boiled/ roasted/… for… minutes/ hours.

It needs to be sent at least two weeks before Xmas.

It used to be eaten…

It was first used in Germany/ America/ the UK/…

It was sent by God to…

It was written about in the Bible/ in A Christmas Carol/ in…

It was… in this school before this lesson/ last week/ last year…

It wasn’t used (much/ as much) when I was a child.

People are kissed under this.

Santa is helped by this.

Things to describe

  • advent calendar
  • angel
  • artificial snow/ fake snow/ spray snow
  • bauble
  • brandy sauce
  • bread sauce
  • Brussel sprout
  • candle
  • candy cane
  • carrot
  • chestnut
  • chocolate coin
  • Christmas cake
  • Christmas cake decoration
  • Christmas card
  • Christmas carol
  • Christmas cracker
  • Christmas light/ fairy light
  • Christmas log
  • Christmas pudding
  • Christmas stocking
  • Christmas tree
  • cranberry sauce
  • (dried) date
  • eggnog
  • elf
  • fig
  • gingerbread house
  • gingerbread man
  • goose
  • gravy
  • holly
  • mandarin (orange)/ tangerine
  • mince pie
  • mistletoe
  • mulled wine
  • nativity scene
  • nut roast
  • nutcracker
  • parsnip
  • party popper
  • pine cone
  • poinsettia
  • reindeer
  • robin
  • sack
  • Santa
  • Santa suit
  • sleigh
  • snowman
  • star
  • stollen
  • stuffing
  • sugared almond
  • tinsel
  • turkey
  • wrapping paper
  • wreath

Ask about any words above which you can’t understand or couldn’t explain.

Ask about any explanations which you can’t understand or can’t match to things in the list above.


Passive voice presentation

Without looking above, put one word into each gap below.

It ____________________________________________________ coated in chocolate.

People __________________________________________________ kissed under this.

It ___________________________________________________ first used in Germany.

It ____________________________________ been used for many years in this country.

It can’t be drunk __________________________________________________ children.

It can ______________________________________________________ easily broken.

It needs ____________________________________________ be boiled for 20 minutes.

It used ________________________________ be eaten before they discovered turkeys.

Check your answers above.

Without looking above, put each verb below into the right tense, including any suitable auxiliary verbs.

It ___________________ (eat) by vegetarians.

It _________________ (give) by children to Santa.

It _________________ (hang) on a Xmas tree.

It __________________ (write) about in the Bible.

It ___________________ (not use) so much when I was a child.

It can _____________________________ (make) at home.

It can _______________________ (see) in Home Alone.

It can’t _______________________ (drink) by children.

It needs to __________________ (send) at least two weeks before Xmas.

Freer practice

Without looking at the phrases above if you can, play the same guessing game with other Xmas and New Year things, for example things which are popular in your country.

Do the same with things from other festivals, e.g. Halloween.


PDF for easy saving and printing: xmas-vocab-passive-guessing-game

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