Giving opinions and business meetings practice

Business Result Pre-Intermediate Units 6 and 7

Choose one of the ideas below and say why you think it is a good idea for your company, then respond to your partner(s) reactions.

Move to a more central part of the city

Operate in more countries, e.g. open branches or start subsidiaries in Southeast Asia

Merge with a multinational company

Ask some staff to become freelance

Pass more work on to sub-contractors

Change suppliers

Hire an external consultant

Use an employment agency to find staff

Bring in an external training organisation

Use an outside PR (= public relations) company

Hire more sales reps

Do a customer satisfaction survey

Introduce more paid holiday

Introduce flexible hours

Headhunt staff from your competitors

Become more specialised

Produce a new product or provide a new service

Expand or cut the number of employees

Do the same with your own ideas of how the company could be more successful.

Roleplay a whole meeting to decide which one idea is best, starting from when you all enter the room and ending with you all leaving.

What topics are good for small talk at the beginning and end of meetings?

What about when meeting someone at the airport?


PDF version for easy printing: Giving opinions and business meetings

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