Starting Presentations determiners practice

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Page 51

Fill the gaps below with a/ an/ the/ any/ my/ or – (nothing). Sometimes more than one answer is possible.

Hi, everyone, I’m _______ Dominique Lagrange. Good to see you all.

If there’s anything you’re not clear about, go ahead and ask ________ questions you want.

_______ talk is in three parts. I’ll start with __________ background to _______ campaign, move onto _________ media we plan to use, and finish with _______ storyboard for ________  commercial.

On behalf of myself and ______ Focus Advertising, I’d like to welcome you.

I’m going to tell you about ______ ideas we’ve come up with for _____ ad campaign.

This morning, I’d like to outline ________ campaign concept we’ve developed for you.

I’ve divided _______ presentation into three parts. Firstly, I’ll give you __________ background to ___________ campaign. Secondly, I’ll discuss __________ media we plan to use. Finally, I’ll talk you through __________ storyboard for __________ TV commercial.

If you have _____ questions, please don’t hesitate to interrupt me.

Listen and check

Match the pairs of sentences that are used in the same part of presentations, e.g. the first line.

What are the differences between each pair of sentences?

Which sentence is more formal and which sentence is more informal?

Listen to a formal and informal presentation and check your answers.

Using the lines above, stand up and give the introductions to the presentations.

Do the introductions again, but changing the details.

Do the introductions again, but without looking at your worksheet.


PDF version for easy printing: Starting presentations determiners practice

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