Where you live vocabulary and speaking

Choose one of the places below and describe the one in your area one sentence at a time. Only describe the physical appearance. Your partner should guess which place it is.

A post office  A chemist’s A newsagent’s A butcher’s
A supermarket A bank  An amusement arcade A station
A bus station  A cinema A video shop A book shop
A market/ street market/ flea market A church A temple or shrine A mosque
A skyscraper  A multi-story car park A clothes shop A jeweller’s
A shoe repairer  A florist A petrol station A fast food restaurant
A café A pub A fishmonger’s A hardware shop 
A DIY shop  A furniture shop A local government office A public pool
A gym  A theatre A primary school A secondary school
A park  A playground A corner shop/ convenience store An off licence/ liquor shop
A doctor’s surgery  A kindergarten/ a playschool A boxing club/ a dojo A record shop
A baker’s A travel agent’s A Chinese restaurant A Indian restaurant
Inside a bus A garden centre A sports shop An electronics shop 
A health food shop  A pet shop A bicycle repair shop A tailor’s
A cake shop  A dentist’s A zoo A prison/ a gaol/ a jail
A police station A hospital A bowling alley  A snooker hall

Where you live IELTS speaking vocabulary
Listen to your teacher and decide if they are describing a house, a flat or both.

Read the list below and match each section with H (house only), F (flat only) or B (both):
Section A
A terraced house                        Detached                        Mansion
Bungalow                                     Cottage

Section B
Semi-detached                           16th century                          Double garage
Back garden                                Vegetable garden

Section C
Block of flats                           Apartment block                        High rise
Lift                                           Elevator                                       Concierge

Section D
Pond                                            Japanese-style                2 storey
Thatched                                     Wooden                            Traditional

Section E
Shared bathroom                          Open-plan dining room kitchen
Balcony                                        Basement                            Intercom

Section F
2 bedrooms                             Separate toilet and bathroom
Modern                                  Messy                     Cramped

Section G
Janitor/ handyman                Flatmate               12th floor            20 storeys
Condo                                       Penthouse             Skyscraper

Section H
Cosy                            Spacious                    Airy
Bright                         Concrete                   Host family

Section I
Landlord/ landlady      Feng Shui                  Dustbin
Neighbours                  Central heating           Rented

Section J
An armchair                                 2 rooms
Japanese style tatami room      2 bathrooms

Check your answers with the Answer Key.

Test each other in pairs

Choose one house or flat you know well and describe it to your partner one sentence at a time, e.g. “It has 3 bedrooms”. Your partner should try to guess if you are describing a house or a flat, but they can only guess once. If they are not sure they can just pass and you have to give them another sentence about the same place. For every sentence you can say about it without them guessing you get one point. When they decided to guess, if they are right they get 5 points and if they are wrong you get five points.

Answer Key 

House Flat Both

A terraced house






16th century

Double garage

Back garden

Vegetable garden



2 storey




Block of flats

Apartment block

High rise




Janitor/ handyman Flatmate

12th floor

20 storeys




Shared bathroom

Open-plan dining room kitchen




2 bedrooms

Separate toilet and bathroom









Host family

Landlord/ landlady

Feng Shui



Central heating

An armchair

2 rooms                             

Japanese style tatami room

2 bathrooms


PDF version for easy printing: WhereYouLive

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