Reported speech games/ worksheets

About 62 indirect speech PDFs and teaching ideas. If you find anything useful here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 8 June 2022

Index pages in this section

Reporting verbs page

Teaching indirect speech articles (with game ideas)

15 fun ways of practising reported speech

15 more reported speech games

Yet another 15 games for reported speech

How to teach reporting verbs – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable reported speech classroom activities

Reported speech the same or different

Reporting verbs sentence completion games (bluffing, guessing and things in common)

Reported speech discussion questions

CPE Reported speech key word sentence transformations

Reported speech bluffing game

What people say at important events  (with reporting verbs and names of festivals and celebrations)

Reported speech memory challenge

Reported questions games

Reported speech extended speech

Food from different countries bluffing game (with nationality words and reported speech)

Reported Speech key word sentence transformations (for FCE Use of English Part Four, but very useful for other classes)

Reported speech and determiners in names of places speaking activities

Reporting verbs for writing business minutes

Reporting verbs in formal business English

Reporting verbs guessing game and storytelling

Functional language reported speech storytelling game

People who speak to you reported speech game

Reported speech consequences writing game and Pre-Intermediate version

Reported speech functional language guessing game

Special occasions reported speech cultural differences

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Minutes page

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6 Responses to Reported speech games/ worksheets

  1. Marieunice Palm says:

    I loved the activities1 Thank you for sharing! It really helps busy teachers like me! :) <3

  2. thank you for these great activities to help students practice reported speech

  3. Peter Wills says:

    Thanks, Alex for these great activities for Reported Speeech. Do any focus on the time changes in Reported Speech?

  4. alexcase says:

    Thanks for the nice comment. No worksheets specifically on that, but if I remember correctly then there is some of that in the key word sentence transformations.

  5. Peter Wills says:

    I am an online English teacher with mostly 1 to 1 classes. I would like to adapt some of your games into Powerpoint PPT’s. Is it okay with you? Peter

  6. alexcase says:

    No problem at all, as long as they are only shared privately with your students, not shared publically online like this. Would be nice if you could include a little “Adapted from materials from” or similar somewhere on it.

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