Motivating high-calibre staff vocabulary

Market Leader Intermediate Unit 8

Join the words and expressions up below (they are divided into two sections). How are these thing connected to the topic of retaining high-performing people?

competitive impact

pep indifferent

sheer force of package

attractive to rival companies

financial advantage

lost granted

important powerment

take for productivity

blind or talks

good financial example

em- motivators

wise mentor

little real sense of as special

a platform for self- skills

creative development

mastering new thinking

provision of a coach or employers

fast- efficiencies

good administrative support

in- tracking

regard someone/ something where it is going

What other tips could you give for motivating high flyers, e.g. modern offices?

If you were a head hunter, what would you say to persuade someone to leave their company?

What are the stages of finding an executive for a top company, do you think?

How do you think the phrases below are related to the process of headhunting a top manager?

full briefing

client organisation


nominations of appropriate candidates

labour intensive

authoritative sources

map the business sector




wide networks

a broad cross-section

rising stars

likely level of availability

Listen to “Headhunting” (Market Leader Unit 8 tapescript 8.2) and check your answers

Do you think you would make a good head-hunter? Why/ why not? What would your reaction be if a head-hunter approached you?


PDF for easy saving and printing: MotivatingStaff

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