BULATS Writing games/ worksheets

Updated 3 March 2017. Note: Some changes to the exam since these were written, so will need adapting.

BULATS Writing articles

What your studens need to know about BULATS Writing Part One – NEW LINK

63 ways to improve your BULATS Writing score

First lessons (getting to know you, overviews and needs analysis)

BULATS Writing Needs analyis and GTKY

BULATS Writing First Lesson

BULATS Speaking and Writing first lesson

Functional language for BULATS Writing

BULATS functional language needs analysis and overview

Functions for BULATS Writing overview and formality review

Tasks based on improving model answers

BULATS Writing Part One – formality

BULATS Writing Part One – paragraphing and punctuation

BULATS Writing Part One – rephrasing the question

BULATS Writing Part One – error correction

BULATS Writing tasks on different topics

BULATS Writing on the topic of brands

BULATS Writing on the topic of recruitment

BULATS Writing tasks on the topic of Product development


Useful phrases for BULATS reports

BULATS Reports checklist


BULATS Writing useful phrases determiners pairwork

BULATS Speaking Part Two about business writing (useful for discussing the Writing exam)

Other relevant links

Email worksheets page

Writing reports worksheets page

BULATS first lessons page

Writing games and worksheets page


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