Classroom objects Simon Says TPR dice games

Roll the dice twice and look to see if that sentence matches something in your classroom or a picture. If it does match, you should touch, point at or throw something at that thing (depending on what your teacher tells you). If not, keep still and do nothing.

No. 1st roll 2nd roll
1 The board is brown.
2 The carpet is white.
3 The door is black.
4 The teacher’s desk is red.
5 The curtains are purple.
6 The walls are green.


Make a similar table to play one of the games above with different objects in your classroom or a picture.


No. First roll 2nd roll



Do the same with other adjectives, e.g.

  1. big
  2. little
  3. hard
  4. soft
  5. square
  6. round


  1. metal
  2. wood(en)
  3. near the teacher
  4. far from the teacher
  5. high
  6. low


Play the same game, but this time rolling the dice three times and doing the action given with that part of your body and that object. If it is impossible, don’t move.


No. 1st roll 2nd roll 3rd roll
1 touch a book with your finger
2 push a ruler with your knee
3 knock a desk with your arm
4 move a chair with your thumb
5 point at the window with your hand
6 brush/ wipe a poster with your leg


PDF for easy saving and printing: classroom Simon Says TPR dice game

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