Opinions games/ worksheets

Updated 22 March 2017

Articles on teaching the language of opinions

How to teach the language of opinions – LINK FIXED

Classroom speaking for the language of opinions – LINK FIXED

Lists of useful opinions phrases

Giving opinions phrases by level

Asking for opinions phrases by level

Agreeing phrases by level

Disagreeing phrases by level

Disagreeing stongly phrases by level

Photocopiable language of opinions classroom activities

Conceding and counter-arguing card games – NEW

Strong and weak opinions coin game

Giving opinions on music

Opinions on art

Opinions on architecture

Opinions on emailing (with strong and weak opinions) – NEW

Longer opinions phrases games

Weak and strong opinions game and analysis (Advanced version)

Strong and weak opinions game and analysis Intermediate version

Opinions phrases – The same or different

Asking opinions – Brainstorming phrases by keyword

Short and long opinions phrases

Make opinions stronger and weaker

Opinions language Find the mistakes

Agreeing and disagreeing language review

Agreeing and disagreeing language game

Your opinions about university entrance exams

Opinions about the IELTS speaking test

Headlines vocabulary Strong and weak opinions

Needs analysis discussion questions and opinions language

Language learning opinions

Your opinions about the media 

Opinions about design

Debates on the topic of sports

The English language opinions practice

Your opinions about Japanese English

IELTS Writing Part Two tips and useful phrases (language of opinions)

Other relevant pages

Business English opinions worksheets page

Supporting opinions games/ worksheets

IELTS Speaking Part 3 page

FCE Speaking Parts 3 and 4 page

Discussion questions page


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