Complaints prepositions pairwork game

Student A
I’m writing _____ complain about your customer service helpline.
I’m phoning ______ make a complaint.
I wish ______ query something on my monthly bill.
I’ve been trying ______ get through to you for two weeks.
The goods were delivered _______ the wrong branch.
I’m sorry that I didn’t get back _________ you sooner.
The delay wasn’t our fault, it was due _________ the bad weather.

The delivery arrived ________ the wrong day.
If you can’t deliver _________ time, we’ll have to contact other suppliers.
I would like to apologize __________ behalf of Nippon Ham for any inconvenience caused.

Please accept our apologies ___________ the inconvenience caused.
We would like to offer you a discount on your next order to make up _________ our errors last time.
Thank you _________ bringing this matter to my attention.
I’m sorry _________ sending the documents to the wrong address.

Please find attached a list _________ the missing items.
There were a number ___________ mistakes on the invoice.

I’m afraid I have to complain __________ your payment system.

The product is no longer _________ guarantee.

Which sentences are replies to complaints? Which are the best replies?


Complaints prepositions practice
Student B
I hope you will take the necessary action __________ resolve this matter speedily.
We were very sorry _______ receive your letter informing us that we had made a mistake.
It’s not our policy ___________ replace items.
I was extremely concerned __________ learn about the unpleasant experience you had with your flight.
There seems _______ have been an error.
There appears _________ have been a delay.
The best solution would be _________ give us a refund.

I had some problems ________ the instruction booklet.
_____________ reference to your reminder of December 1, it seems to us that an error has been made.
We are not satisfied _____________ the quality of the goods.
I have checked ___________ the staff involved, and they claim they were not responsible.

_______ fact, we had already paid the full bill the previous week.
We will do our best to ensure that such mistakes do not occur again _________ the future.

We will look ____________ it right away and get back to you as soon as we can.
I would be grateful if you could look ___________ the matter.

I believe your sales department is _________ fault.

We strongly believe that the mistake was made __________ your company rather than ours.
Which sentences are replies to complaints? Which are the best replies?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Complaints prepositions practice

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  1. ... says:

    It’s not clear to me how this is used in class – what’s the activity?

  2. alexcase says:

    Sorry, didn’t have time to add instructions to the actual worksheet, but lots of that here:

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