Teaching with technology articles

Using tech to teach English articles. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Teaching English through video articles

Video for prepositions – LINK UPDATED

Video tasks for practice past tenses – LINK UPDATED

Video tasks for present simple and continuous – LINK UPDATED

Video tasks for specific language points and skills – LINK UPDATED

Video tasks for future and conditionals – LINK UPDATED

Teaching with an interactive whiteboard articles

Why you shouldn’t be afraid of an IWB – LINK UPDATED

15 things not to do with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) – LINK UPDATED

Teaching through websites articles/ Teaching through the Internet articles

How to find EFL worksheets on the internet – LINK UPDATED

Teaching with CD ROMs articles

How to use the Primary iDictionary CD ROM in class – LINK UPDATED

Teaching with other technologies articles

15 fun things to do with an OHP – LINK UPDATED

Attempted humour on teaching with technology

The real reason why we’ll end up using IWBs

400 things to do with an IWB

The next generation of IWBs

An alternative to Twitter for TEFLers

15 reasons to TEFL on Twitter

Real teaching with technology by numbers

Other blog posts mentioning technology

15 reasons why an OHP is better than an IWB

Advantages of being a late adopter

Should the CELTA have more about technology in it?

What was the biggest change in TEFL in the Noughties?

Updated 21 March 2023

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