Making shapes from blocks games

Numbers, shapes, nature, household vocabulary, clothes, body and feelings

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one set of cards per class or per group, then remove cards that your students don’t know the name of, will probably have difficulty reading and/ or won’t be able to make shapes of with the blocks that you have available.

For any of the cards below, students can either race to make a suitable shape out of their blocks or race to shout out and/ or write the name of what they think is being made from blocks in front of them. For the former game, the words on the cards can be held up and/ or shouted out. Note that some of the shapes need to be made flat on the table or floor, while others such as “cube” need to be 3D, and that for some of the flat ones such as “oval” it is better to make outlines instead of solid shapes.

Cards to cut up

zero one
two three
four five
six seven
eight nine
ten eleven
twelve thirteen
seventeen twenty
thirty thirty two
fifty seven a hundred
square rectangle
circle oval
cube pyramid
giraffe caterpillar
snake lion
mountain hill
(Christmas) tree flower
sun moon
school house
stairs window
chair table
bed sofa
bath radio
fork spoon
hat boot
dress trousers/ pants
T- shirt sock
bikini tights/ pantyhose
shorts sweater
(sun)glasses necklace
boy/ man girl/ woman
nose ear
leg hand
happy sad
fat tall


PDF for easy saving and printing: Making shapes from blocks games

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