Present Continuous /Present Perfect Continuous guessing game

On another piece of paper that your partner can’t see, write down something that you are doing now (either right now or a recent temporary thing), e.g. one of the things below. Tell them

“I am doing this now” or “I have been doing this recently”

and then answer them when they ask you:

“How long have you been doing that?”

Answer other “How…?” questions (“How much time did you spend doing that yesterday?”, “How often do you do that?”, “How many times have you done that since you came to class?”, “How long has it been since you last did that?” etc.) until they guess which action you are talking about.

1. I’m living in Seoul/ on the second floor/ in a house … (You can only use this sentence if the present place you live is temporary)

2. I’m breathing (heavily/ through my nose/ …)

3. I’m sitting down (on…)

4. I’m listening to a particular tune in my head

5. I’m learning another language/ how to drive/

6. I’m digesting my breakfast/ lunch/ dinner…

7. I’m feeling hungry/ tired/ excited/ stressed/ worried/ sad/ itchy/ ill/ annoyed/ impatient…

8. I’m waiting for a package from Amazon/ my exam results/ some medical results/ …

9. I’m looking forward to my holiday/ the end of term/…

10. I’m thinking (about…)

11. I’m planning my next holiday/ my next day off/ my next job/ …

12. I’m moving my leg/ foot/ nose/ …

13. I’m wearing a watch/ a suit/ a dress/ …

14. I’m trying to stop my nose running/ coughing/ thinking about food/ …


PDF version for easy printing: Present Continuous Present Perfect Continuous

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