Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 5

Worksheet 1- Jobs

Choose a job below and answer yes/ no questions until your partner guesses which

Plumber                                              Factory worker                                    Secretary/ PA

Geography teacher                 Solicitor/ barrister/ attorney/ lawyer

Judge/ magistrate                   Homemaker/ housewife/ househusband

Fire-fighter (=fireman)             Police officer (= policeman)

Spy/ secret agent                    Farmer                                                Bus driver

Pilot                                         Receptionist                            Shop assistant

Air hostess (= air stewardess, flight attendant or cabin crew)

Security guard/ bouncer                     Beachcomber                         Private tutor

Lecturer/ professor                 Nanny/ au pair/ babysitter                   Office worker

Businessman                          Bank clerk                               Banker

Director/ executive                  (Middle) manager                    Accountant

GP/ doctor/ surgeon               CEO/ managing director                     Masseur

Nurse/ midwife                                    Journalist

Novelist/ writer/ columnist/ poet          Playwright/ screenwriter

Newsreader                            Cameraman                            Photographer

National politician/ PM/ MP/ senator/ congressman

Local politician/ local councillor/ mayor

Door to door salesman                       Vet/ veterinarian                                  Model

Baker/ pastry chef                   Cook/ chef/ kitchen hand                    Butcher

Waiter/ waitress/ busboy                    Computer programmer                       Cashier

Barber/ hairdresser/ stylist     Builder/ bricklayer                   Carpenter

Cycle courier/ motorcycle courier      Cleaner                                               Dentist

Electrician                               Gardener/ landscape gardener           Bell boy/ porter

Postman/ letter carrier                        Chambermaid                         Librarian

Mechanic                                 Estate agent                            Tailor

Travel agent                            Lorry driver/ truck driver                      Zoo keeper

Psychologist                           Psychiatrist                             Private detective

Researcher                             Stand up comedian                 Social worker

Care worker/ carer                  Clown/ circus performer                     Actor/ actress

Bin man/ garbage disposal man         Market trader                           Paparazzi

Lab assistant (= laboratory technician)

Television presenter                Hotelier/ hotel manager                       Thatcher

Busker/ street performer                    Director/ producer                   Extra

What yes/ no questions could you ask? Check on the next page for more ideas.


Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation

Worksheet 2- 20 Questions


Do you need special tools/ special equipment/ qualifications/ special training/ good people skills/ good hand eye coordination/ a driving license?

Do you need to study at university?

Do you need to be (physically) fit/ intelligent/ well organised/ creative/ adaptable/ good with numbers/ diplomatic?

Do you need to travel?

Do you work inside/ outside?

Do you work in an office/ school/ shop/ factory/ warehouse?

Is this job well-paid/ badly-paid/ high status/ secure/ stressful/ challenging/ dangerous/ repetitive/ boring/ interesting/ varied/ dirty/ tiring?

Do you work in the morning/ at night/ shifts/ long hours?

Do you spend a lot of time on a computer/ on the phone/ travelling?

Do you supervise other people?

Do you have to wear protective clothing/ a uniform/ a hat/ a security badge/ a suit/ a shirt and tie/ goggles/ a helmet/ an apron/ gloves?

Do you work with people/ children/ animals?

Do you need to speak foreign languages?

Do you work for a company/ the government/ yourself?


Guess the job 20 questions and personalisation

Worksheet 3- Personalisation

Write nine of the following jobs down mixed up in the boxes below. Your partner will then try to guess which each box is an answer to.

  1. The most high status job in your country
  2. The most difficult to get the qualifications for
  3. The job with the longest hours in your country
  4. The most secure job in your country
  5. A job you think that you’d hate
  6. A job you hope to do in the future
  7. The job of someone who you are meeting this week
  8. A job you thought about doing but decided against
  9. A job that you wanted to do when you were a child
  10. A job that you would like your children to do
  11. A job that you would hate your children to do
  12. A job that you think should be better paid
  13. A job that you would want a boyfriend or girlfriend to have
  14. A job that you would want a wife or husband to have
  15. A job that you particularly respect people for doing
  16. A job that usually makes you distrust people
  17. An unusual job that you think you would like if you did it
  18. A job that you would like that is completely different to the one you have or that you will probably actually have
  19. The strangest job that someone you know has
  20. The strangest job that you have ever heard about
  21. A job you wouldn’t consider even if you were unemployed and couldn’t find a job
  22. A job involved in the most unusual career change you have ever heard about

Discuss questions 17 to 22 in pairs


Listen to three people discuss their unusual career changes (New Cutting Edge Intermediate pgs 51 and 52). The first time you listen, write down their previous and new jobs. Are they generally positive or negative about the changes?


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