Future continuous games/ worksheets/ teaching ideas

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Updated 18 October 2019

Teaching future continuous articles

How to teach Future Continuous

Future Continuous games

Future continuous speaking activities

Photocopiable future continuous classroom activities

Predict the future inventions Guess the year game

New Year future continuous state verbs

Going to for plans and Future Continuous for predictions

Other worksheets including Future Continuous

The future in IELTS Speaking (review of future verb forms and time expressions for the exam, with speaking tasks)

Future things in common

Requests and future forms

The future in IELTS Writing and Speaking

Tricky future forms review

Xmas and New Year future tenses review

Business English future forms and tenses review

Other relevant pages

Continuous aspect page

Will for predictions, spontaneous intentions, promises etc page – NEW LINK

Future Perfect games/ worksheets – NEW LINK

Future tenses main page

3 Responses to Future continuous games/ worksheets/ teaching ideas

  1. yoha says:

    thank for sharing

  2. Lihoung Oem says:

    yeah! good game

  3. wail says:


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