Concession and addition

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 11 pgs 116-119

1.    Coin flipping discussion questions game

Choose one of the topics on page 116-117 and give a short opinion on it. Your partner will toss a coin. If they get a head, they must agree and add to what you have said. If they get a tail, they must disagree and go against what you said. Continue with that game as long as you can, then change topic and do the same.

2. Linking words

What phrases can be used to add to a previous argument (similar to “and”) and what phrases can be said to look at the other side (similar to “but”)? Brainstorm your ideas below.

Add more from the list on pg 119.

Try to find similar phrases in the text on page 118-119.


What meaning do these phrases from the text have?

  • Particularly
  • Others would say that…
  • Take the example of…
  • It’s not only…
  • If you think… (think again)

Use similar expressions to play the same coin flipping game with these statements.

  • Japan would be a better/ worse place if more people sued companies
  • Japan would be a better/ worse place if more people sued the government
  • Lawyers should/ shouldn’t be allowed to advertise on television
  • The amount of compensation should/ shouldn’t be decided by the jury
  • There should/ shouldn’t be punishments for ridiculous claims for compensation
  • It should be made cheaper/ more expensive for people to sue for compensation


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Concession and addition

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